The Caracal

A woman is awaiting one special phone call, from a man, whom she agreed with a year ago that he would decide within one year, whether or not he would go for her. This is the evening of the last day of that particular year. While waiting for that one phone call that may change her life forever, she is being called all the time. And she makes phone calls herself: to her last ex-partner, her sister Mia, her friend Robbert, who is a hair dresser, a heavy breather and the friend of her deceased mother.

This play by Judith Herzberg, starred Olga Zuiderhoek in Theatre Bellevue in 2003. This play was completely reviewed and extended for bigger theatres. On this occasion Michiel van Erp was again the director. In addition he delivers the film clips for the play. De Caracal is a theatre production in cooperation with the Hummelinck Stuurman Theatre Bureau.

text Judith Herzberg in cooperation with Motti Averbuch, director and film Michiel van Erp, production Pitt de Grooth technique Jeroen Duijvendak music Willem Breuker