De familie


Currently De Familie Film & TV produces the documentaries The Race (VPRO) by David Kleiwegt, The European (VPRO) by Dirk Jan Roeleven, My f*** problem (BNN/VARA) by Anne van Campenhout and the series This is Us (VPRO) by Michiel van Erp.

After producing the succesful dramaseries 'Ramses' in 2014, De Familie Film & TV is now also working on 'The Empty City', a coming-of-age story about friendship, desires, and growing up.


Recently, De Familie Film & TV, has made several films, including films such as Under the Surface (VPRO), Straw (Human), MH17, the Dutch Grief (BNNVARA), Playing Chess with Death (NCRV), Satudarah-One Blood (NTR), A corpse in the woods (HUMAN), The necessity of dancing (NTR), Adèle (AVROTROS), See and be seen (AVRO), The true film for boys (VPRO), 15 Attempts (NTR/HUMAN), Matthew (NCRV), Jeroen Willems –Crossing borders (NTR), Black as the night VPRO), Things that pass (IKON), the documentary series De Voorstraat (VPRO), The Wealth of Holland (VPRO The Wealth of Holland 2 (VPRO) Bedrooms (VPRO), The border (VPRO), Beastie boys (VPRO Zapp).

In January 2014, the four episode TV series Ramses (AVRO) was broadcast on Dutch TV. It showed the remarkable person Ramses Shaffy, and his influence on (many) other people.
The Ramses series won the Silver Nipkov disk 2014 as well as the Prix Europa 2014. Actor Maarten Heijmans received the prestigious International Emmy Award and also the Dutch Gouden Kalf for his leading part in the series. Marnie Blok was awarded the Zilveren Krulstaart for the script. The series also won the Dutch TV award for best series in 2015. Maarten Heijmans was awarded the TV prize for best actor and Noortje Herlaar for best supporting role.


During previous years, De Familie Film & TV produced films, including I love Venice (VPRO), The Ballet Masters (NTR), Het Loo (VPRO), Post-modern Stew (NTR), C.K. (VPRO), I Am A Woman Now (VPRO), Make or Break (VARA), the TV-series Murder Stories (HUMAN), documentaries As They Left Rotterdam (2010), Fear (2009), Beatrix, Her Majesty (HUMAN 2009), Motherly Feelings (IKON 2009), Congestion (NCRV 2008), and Theme Park The Netherlands (NPS 2006). De Familie Film & TV made film portraits too, of Erwin Olaf (2009), Sylvia Kristel (2007) and Connie Palmen (NPS 2005). We made the Magic of Science series, together with KNAW (2010), Eastward! (VPRO 2010), Welcome to The Netherlands I and II (VARA 2007 and 2009), Sold Out (NPS 2007) and a number of episodes of the current biography programme Profile (HUMAN). De Familie Film & TV also produced the television drama series Kosto’s Cat and Smoeder (VPRO 2008).

De Familie Film & TV is part of Documentary Producers Nederland (DPN). DPN strives for a strong documentaries sector and supports communal interests of documentary producers.