De Familie

De Familie Film & TV produces documentaries for theatre and television, documentary and drama series for television and projects for third parties. The subjects of our productions vary from members of The Dutch Royal Family to the first generation of transsexuals, portraits of well-known Dutch artists, the lives of anxiety patients or discovering the myths and mysteries of Central and Eastern Europe. The productions made by De Familie Film & TV deal with hope, desire and ordinary people. Observation and everyday life are keywords in our productions.

De Familie Film & TV was founded in 2004 by director/producer Michiel van Erp and producer/researcher Monique Busman. Under their leadership, and in collaboration with several Dutch broadcasters, De Familie Film & TV produced the documentaries Fear (Angst), A Funfair Behind the Dikes (Pretpark Nederland), Man Alone (Moederziel), With Love for Him (Liefde voor de Heer), Stuck (File), Sylvia Kristel, Naked (Sylvia Kristel, Naakt), Erwin Olaf: On Beauty and Fall, Beatrix, I am a Woman Now, C.K.I love Venice.

For Dutch television De Familie Film & TV produced documentary series like Welcome to Holland (Welkom in Nederland), about immigrating to the Netherlands, Go East! (Oostwaarts!) about living in Central- and East Europe, Dutch Delight (Hollands Welvaren) portraits of rich Dutch people and The Border (the Grens), exploring the borders of the Netherlands.

Other documentary films are Adèle, a portrait of one of the greatest Dutch artists: Adèle Bloemendaal, Jeroen Willems, Across Borders (Jeroen Willems, Over Grenzen) about the internationally praised actor and singer Jeroen Willems, Boys will be boys (De Echte Jongens Film), about growing up as a boy, Larger than Life (Zien en Gezien worden) about the world famous sculptures of artist Florentijn Hofman, 15 Attempts (15 Pogingen), about German/Japanese artist Suchan Kinoshita and Mattheus and I, life and times of the ambitious evangelist Mattheus van der Steen.

Amongst recently finished documentary films are Our Colonial Hangover (Zwart als Roet) about the increasing fierceness of the public debate around the Dutch figure of Black Pete by director Sunny Bergman, and The Need to Dance (De Nood aan Dansen) about the original, contemporary Flemish choreographer Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui by the directorial duo Petra and Peter Lataster. Dead Body in the Woods (Een Lijk in het Bos), by Michiel van Erp, about a murdercase without a know motive, shows that there's never just one truth. Outwitting Death (Schaken met de Dood) is a portrait of the researchers of The Netherlands Cancer Institute by director Roel van Dalen. In The Things that Pass (De Dingen die Voorbij Gaan) Michiel van Erp investigates what is left after a long and successful career in the theaters. In MH17: A Nation's Grief (MH17: Het verdriet van Nederland), van Erp tells the stories of those who got confronted with the MH17-plaincrash and shows the collective sorrow in the Netherlands - and Ukraine.

Other documenty series are Beestieboys, a childrens program about animals, and Bedrooms (Slaapkamers), portraits of Dutch couples, The Voorstraat (De Voorstraat) a portrait of residents, users and visitors of the Voorstraat in Utrecht and Dutch Delight II (Hollands Welvaren II).

In 2014 De Familie Film & TV produced their first dramaseries Ramses, about the renowned Dutch singer Ramses Shaffy. This series won the Silver Nipkow Disk 2014, the Dutch press award for best television program. Ramses is also winner of the Prix Europa 2014!

In production: Below the Surface (Onder de Oppervlakte) where the complications about the Hedwigepolder shows that a country threatens to become unmanageable as emotions determine the politics. Last Straw (Strohalm), a film by Lian Priemus, about the taboo on talking about being suicidal. David Kleywegt's The Race (De Race) follows physicist Leo Kouwenhoven in his quest to surprise the world of nanoscience. Eleven kids from Utrecht are followed throughout their teenage years by Michiel van Erp in The Time of Your Life (Tijd van je Leven).