Me alone in the classroom

Me alone in the classroom is a portray of young people of color in The Netherlands. How do they see themselves? How do they experience their interaction with white Dutch people? How do they see their future in The Netherlands? To tell this story, Karin Junger created a 'pressure cooker' by bringing her children and their friends together in a house for a week and ask them to re-enact their experiences for the camera. She used drama therapy techniques so that they really go through the experiences again so you can see and feel how it affects them.

director Karin Junger cinematography Adri Schrover, Jurgen Lisse sound recording Mark Wessner, Diego van Uden editor Maurice Bedaux production manager Bram Bax production assistant Mylene Esmeijer executive producer JeanMarc van Sambeek producers Monique Busman, Michiel van Erp 

Keep Walking is a film by De Familie Film & TV in cooperation with IKON and support of the CoBO, Mediafonds, VSB-fonds, Fonds21 and Stichting Democratie en Media.