Time of your life

In the project Time of your life, director Michiel van Erp portrays eleven children from Utrecht. He monitors their daily life from the age of 11, until 2018, when they will be 18 years old. Time of your Life is a unique documentary of eleven beautiful and recognisable, but also very different home situations combined, using Utrecht City as a binding factor. A portrait of eleven children during the most important time of their lives.

In Time of your Life, we see children from all parts of the city, during their daily life, going to school and enjoying their hobbies. Will their dreams come true? And to what extent do their dreams differ from their parents’ wishes? A film about dreams that concern the present as well as the unknown future. 

director Michiel van Erp research Liza Kemman camera Pim Hawinkels, Mark Bakker and others sound Rob Dul, Benny Jansen and others editing 2012-2014 Obbe Verwer, 2011 Doug Hancock production manager Britte Hermans and others executive producer Jean Marc van Sambeek producer Monique Busman, Michiel van Erp based on a concept by Cultuurpromotie Utrecht with special thanks to Hanneke Bouwsema, Rob Hornstra 

De Familie Film & TV in coproduction with VPRO and RTV Utrecht