Just Listen

Just Listen addresses the taboo of talking about suicidal thoughts. Why is this so complicated, and what happens when you open up about it? How well do we know the people around us? What if a loved one considers suicide? Would you be able to tell? Would they tell you? And what would you say? Just Listen shows us the powerful effect of listening in times of despair. Intimate confessions of people who could be your neighbour, classmate or husband reveal what's on their mind on these defining moments. They show us the meaning of being present at the right moment.

script and director Lian Priemus producer Monique Busman, Michiel van Erp

sales contact NPO Sales - Kaisa Kriek - kaisa.kriek@npo.nl

Just Listen is a production of De Familie Film & TV in coproduction with HUMAN en with support of the CoBO-fund and the W.M. de Hoop-Foundation.


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