My fucking problem

My fucking problem is a documentary about four women for who penetration is painful. One of these women is the director. The impact of the handicap is big. A lot of women undergo therapy to find out what exactly is going on down there. They have to make difficult decisions in their love-life. Their image of themselves is thoroughly damaged.

What does is feel like to miss out on something tof which you can only imagine what it is like through what you hear from others and see in the media? An image that is far from reality. Why wouldn't you be able to be happy without penetration? How important is it really?

director Anne van Campenhout cinematography Jefrim Rothuizen sound Kees de Groot e.a. editor Patrick Schonewille production manager Britte Hermans executive producer Judith Reuten production assistent Kim Hahn, Jet Verheijen  commissioning editor BNNVARA Sjoerd van den Broek producer Monique Busman, Michiel van Erp

My fucking problem is a film by De Familie Film & TV in cooperation with BNN and with support of CoBofonds.