Daddy & the Warlord

Daddy & the Warlord is a film by Shamira Raphaela and Clarice Gargard about Clarice's search to who her father really is. It also is a story of war, rebellion and faded ideals in a time of war. If Clarice's father really is that great as she always thought he was, how is it he worked for three corrupted governement leaders and warlord Charles Taylor? Did he just not want to abandon his country or was it just about the money he earned while he was working for Charles Taylor? Or was it the status he had built, the power that came with it?

director Shamira Raphaela main character Clarice Gargard camera Jefrim Rothuizen sound Diego van Uden editor Paul de Heer excecutive producer JeanMarc van Sambeek, Judith Reuten production lead Bram Bax, Sacha van Sprundel substantive advice Lieke van den Ouwelant, Joost Seelen production assistent Maarten de Groot, Nolan Kuipers, Elsemieke van Uijen audio processing Jeroen Goeijers color grading Barend Onneweer fixer Liberia Geebio Gargard producer Monique Busman en Michiel van Erp