The Color White

Sunny Bergman (Our Colonial Hangover) wants to know why so many white people feel indignant or even get mad when the topic of racism and white priviledge comes up. On her quest for answers she steers away from the "usual suspects" and disects the moral of the "politically correct" thinking elite in a multicultural society. In what way does being white teint our way of thinking? 

Nevertheless, causes of problems still get lazily thrown towards immigrants. Because they aren't "integrating well enough" or at less educated PVV-voters, because they have a racist image of the world. However, what teints the vision of the white, higher-educated people, who think to have the higher moral ground to say that color doesn't matter. Will they succeed in raising their children to be colorblind? 

scenario, camera and direction Sunny Bergman camera Jurgen Lisse, Eefje Vaghi, Mark Bakker, Jasper ten Berge research Patricia Cronie, Leila Kian, Soraya Pol, Kimberley Hahn, Helene Morais, Rokhaya Seck consult Tamara Vuurmans sound Bram Meindersma, Susanne Helmer, Boyke Bruinhard, Gideon Bijlsma edit Milika de Jonge, Jurjen Blick sound edit Rob Dul colorcorrection Daphne Maierna translation and subs Erik Pezarro production lead Bram Bax & Britte Hermans excecutive producer JeanMarc van Sambeek lead redactionist VPRO Hans Simonse producer Monique Busman & Michiel van Erp

A production by De Familie Film & TV in cooperation with the VPRO, with support of CoBO