Keeping & Saving - or how to live

For as long as she can remember director Digna Sinke has been keeping all kinds of things, from sugar sachets to old newspapers. Together with her 92-year-old mother she tries to find out where this need comes from. The kept things turn out to be time machines recalling memories that had all but faded.

But something is changing. Digitization has created the possibility of a completely different way of life. Digna goes in search of the new human, who no longer cares about material things, but about experiences: digital nomads and minimalists who own nothing but a passport, a bank card, a laptop computer and a smartphone. 

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director Digna Sinke research Wytzia Soetenhorst camera Jan Wich sound Mark Wessner editor Albert Elings production management Bram Bax consultant Netherlands Film Fund Suzanne van voorst producer VPRO Brigit Dopheide commissioning editor VPRO Annemiek van der Zanden executive producer JeanMarc van Sambeek, Judith Reuten producer Monique Busman en Michiel van Erp producer VPRO sales Journeyman