Talk to a veteran for a change

The campaign ‘Talk to a veteran for a change’ was developed especially for the Ministry of Defence with the aim to give broader significance to the concept of ‘veteran’ and in addition show the person behind the veteran. As such, six clips have been created serving as promotion material for Dutch Veterans Day on 29 April 2007.

The clips don’t show the veterans themselves, but family members (partners, parents and brothers) talk about their veteran. These mini documentaries were also broadcast concisely as P.O. Box 51 commercials for TV and radio. They can still be viewed on the veteran’s day website.

director Michiel van Erp camera Mark van Aller offline editor Hinne Brouwe strategy Jan Oldenburger concept Roorda Advertising Agency art director Erik Kruize account Maaike Jongbloed responsible to client Lieutenant-colonel B.J. Baars Secretary Comitee Dutch Veteran’s Day, RVD/DPC Josje Kroon René Herremans and Jaap Verster production company Götz & De Familie Film & TV rtv producer Marcel Ossendrijver producer Monique Busman and Inge Schapendonk

Length: 6 clips of 4mins 55secs
For P.O. Box 51 shortened versions were made for radio and TV.
Length: 27 seconds
Broadcast: June 2007

De Familie Film & TV, commissioned by the Ministry of Defence