Catwalk - Behind the scenes

'Catwalk – Behind the scenes' is an introduction film for the Catwalk exhibition in the Rijksmuseum. This exhibition was designed by photographer Erwin Olaf. The Rijksmuseum has the oldest costume collection of The Netherlands. Curator Bianca M. Du Mortier, in her studio, tells about the world behind the historic garments, while her colleague Suzan Meijer is dressing mannequins with outstanding care and attention. In cooperation with these experts, Erwin Olaf pays attention to every detail of the design with the aim to take the visitor back to the atmosphere of days gone by, and where the costumes serve as a voice of the past.

director Liza Kemman camera Pim Hawinkels sound Sander den Broeder editing Hinne Brouwer production manager Britte Hermans sound editing Rob Dul colour grading Gerhard van der Beek post production Filmdoc executive producer JeanMarc van Sambeek producer Monique Busman, Michiel van Erp

music ‘Seeing’ by Alexander Rudd and ‘The Five’ by Reinout Verbeek and Marcus Bruystens

with thanks to Bianca M. Du Mortier (curator of costumes), Suzan Meijer (Head of conservation studio) and Erwin Olaf

Commissioned by The Rijksmuseum